White Tea

White tea is among the world's rarest teas. Traditionally, white tea is picked only in the first weeks of spring and before dawn, when the tender new buds have yet to open. Only particular strains of the China bush is used, and even only certain bushes and parts of a tea garden might be picked.  White tea under goes almost no transformation once harvested, it is merely withered and dried.

Popular products: Buddha Tears, Dragon Pearls, Yin Zhen Silver Needles.

Buddha Tears (50g) $ 25.50 each

Great to look at as well as to drink. Beautifully hand rolled dragon pearls combined with the fragrance of jasmine blossoms. An excellent quality tea

Dragon Pearls (50g) $ 25.50 each

The finest quality green tea. The young tips are carefully hand-rolled into small, delicate pearls. The flavour is exquisitely light and refreshing. Simply infuse 2-3 pearls in a tea glass for 3 minutes using almost boliing water. Re-infuse for all day drinking

Pai Mu Tan (50g) $ 12.50 each

This rare white tea is made from very small buds and leaves that are picked in the early Spring, just before they open. It gives a clear, pale infusion with a fresh aroma and smooth flavour

Yin Zhen Silver Needles(50g) $ 22.50 each

These leaves are only picked two days in the year and are processed entirely by hand. A wonderfully aromatic experience

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