Green Tea

Green teas are lighter and more subtle in flavour. Green tea is produced by thinly spreading the fresh leaves to dry on bamboo trays. Small amounts are then dried, in hot, round roasting pans, to stop fermentation and then dried.  We have a large range of green teas from Japan and China.

Popular products: Jasmine, Japanese Morning Dew, China Sencha.

China SenCha (100g) $ 11.50 each

A large leaf green tea that is light and refreshing in flavour and extremely low in caffeine and good used as a digestive tea

Chinese Gunpowder (200g) $ 18.50 each

Also know as 'green pearls' is a light and mild green tea

Green Tea Oolong (100g) $ 10.50 each

Semi-femented green tea. Sweet & Fruity with an honey aroma.

Japanese Sencha (100g) $ 11.50 each

Sencha us the most popular tea in Japan, because of its refreshing flavour. Low in caffeine, rich in vitamin C a good digestive tea

Japanese Evening Mist (100g) $ 11.50 each

Sencha green tea flavoured with cornflower blossom, rose flowers and calendula

Japanese Bancha (100g) $ 11.50 each

Refreshing green jasmine tea blended with spices giving a warm soft but spicy taste.

Jasmine (100g) $ 11.50 each

A half fermented tea sprinkled with dried jasmine blossoms. A favourite served in many Chinese restaurants

Japanese Morning Dew (100g) $ 11.50 each

A delightful blend of fruity flavours and Japanese Sencha sprinkled with passionfruit and marigolds

Japanese Genmaicha (100g) $ 13.50 each

  • Japanese name for green tea combined with roasted brown rice
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