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Pod Blends

We've specially designed a range of blends for use with the Nespresso® Reusable Pods. Flavors include Supa Crema No 1, Colombian No 2, Sumatra No 3 and French Colombian No 4.

Supa Crema No 1 - Pod Blend (250g) $ 10.00 each

This mild coffee is blended producing a soft, smooth, delicate flavour.

Colombian No 2 - Pod Blend (250g) $ 10.00 each

A well-rounded coffee with a nice, rich, smooth flavour.

Sumatra No 3 - Pod Blend (250g) $ 10.00 each

A full, rich, dark coffee providing you with a full-flavoured taste.

French Colombia No 4 - Pod Blend (250g) $ 10.00 each

For the serious coffee consumer: a well-rounded & full flavour.

No 1, 2, 3 & 4 Pod Blends (1kg) $ 40.00 each

Save $10! This pack includes all of our Pod Blends (250g each) specially-crafted for use in the Nespresso® Reusable Pods.

Includes Supa Crema, Peru Femenino, Espresso 538, French Colombian ,Blue Mountain.

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