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All of our Decaffeinated coffees are genuine Swiss Water products which means the taste of the coffee is not affected!

Popular products include: Colombian Organic, Swiss Chocolate, Mexican Organic

  • Sumatra Mandheling Decaffeinated

    This beautiful, rich, dark, coffee is full of flavour with no caffeine.  Certified Fair Trade & Organic has had the caffeine removed using the Swiss Water Method.

  • Peru Femenino Decaffeinated

    The Cafe Femenino project is a social program that assists in changing the roll of women in rural communities in Peru.  This is a certified Fair Trade & Organic Coffee using the Swiss Water Process to remove the caffeine.

  • Mexican Organic Decaffeinated

    Grown at a high altitude, it is smooth with a creamy feel and a lovely finish. The Swiss Water Process is used to remove the caffeine & is a chemical free process.

  • Colombian Organic Decaffeinated

    Chemical free, swiss water decaffeination. Colombian decaffeinated is a full bodied arabica bean with a smooth aromatic flavour. Ideal in espresso machines, percolators, plungers & filter machines.

  • Swiss Chocolate Decaffeinated

    Swiss water decafe Colombian grown beans infused with swiss chocolate flavouring. It adds a different dimension to your coffee drinking experience.

  • French Vanilla Decaffeinated

    Swiss water decafe colombian grown coffee infused with french vanilla flavour. It adds a different dimension to your coffee drinking experience.

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