We had an article cover us in The Advertiser on the 7th of February. Have a look below!

The Grind's Silvio & Louise Featured in The Advertiser

La Esperanza is farm in the mountainous highlands of Caicedonia, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia.

Rigoberto Herrera, the owner of La Esperanza Farm, has built one of the most quality focused farms in the world. His focus on quality has led him to grow a spectrum of coffee varietals ranging from our Red Bourbon to the super expensive Gesha and Mokka varietals and even the ultra rare Laurina, a naturally decaffeinated coffee variety. He and his employees carefully record every piece of data on their farm in order to improve, year-over-year, the quality of their coffee. Our lot comes from the 7,000 Red Bourbon trees planted on 1.8 hectares out of land.

The balance that best describes this coffee is: round, fully mouthfeel, a complex and vibrant acidity, and flavors ranging across the spectrum.

Honey aromatics combine with a nuttiness in the dry fragrance. The cup is sweet though not fruity: raw sugar and honey-like, it nevertheless has a plum acidity, that grows more pronounced, citrusy and even winey, as the cup cools. Soft baking spices abound while subtle soda and cola flavors emerge as the cup cools.




1,500 - 1,800 Meters




Caicedonia, Valle de Cauca


Red Bourbon


Rigoberto Herrera

We were only able to source 2 x 60kilo sacks of this rare & wonderful coffee so please take advantage of and enjoy this experience.

Purchase online

Kind regards,
The Grind Team

Good news for our valued customers who use Nespresso Pod machines: we have just released our very own range of Nespresso-compatible pods! These have been specially-crafted by yours truly here at The Grind.

Our new range of Nespresso pods includes:

Supa Crema No 1

Our signature blend: a blend of Colombian, Costa Rican, Panamanian & Kenyan coffees softly-roasted. Mild strength.

Peru Femenino No 2

A genuine Fair Trade Organic coffee from Peru. The sale of this coffee ensures a better life for the women in this region. Medium strength.

Espresso 538 No 3

A true Espresso blend. A blend of Colombian Indian & Indonesian coffees dark-roasted. Strong strength.

Colombian Decafe

A genuine Swiss water process removes 99.9% of the caffeine but retains the flavour.

A pack of 20 pods costs $11.50 or 3 packs for $30.00

Purchase our pods online or drop by one of our stores for a sample!

To our valued customers & all coffee lovers!

We have been able to source just 105 kilos of this genuine, beautiful, guatemalan coffee, winner of Cup of Excellence 2012. The Cup of Excellence award is a yearly event where only the best coffees are judged with a starting point of 90 out of 100.

We gently hand-roasted it to a medium colour allowing it to rest for 4 days before packing. It truly is an exquisite coffee (ideal as an expresso).

You can learn more about this coffee here or purchase some today from our online shop.

Kind tegards,
The Grind Team

Check out our extensive range of teas. White, Black, Green, Rooibos, Flavoured & Herbal Infusions are available in our new reusable, resealable red TEA TUBES. Available in both 100 & 200 g size. Should you require bulk tea please contact our office for a wholesale price.


We have just received a new shipment of Refillable Pods for your Nespresso machine. You can use any coffee at normal retail prices including Decafe, Fair Trade, Organic or Flavoured coffees.

Now there are 10 pods per packet but the price remains at AUD $30.00 per packet

Order now & start saving on your coffee supplies.

If you are tired of paying highly inflated prices for your Nespresso pods have a look at these REUSABLE PODS for your machine. Made of durable plastic that can be refilled with fresh ground coffee (at normal prices), place them in your machine and just wash them out when you have finished. Use them over and over again without adding extra waste to landfill.

Buy a pack of 10 Reusable, Refillable Nespresso Pods ($30) today and check out our range of Pod Blends ($10/each).

We also have starter packs which include all Pod Blends (save $5) and all Pod Blends + 10x Reusable Pods (save $15).

We are launching a new coffee blend called CAFFE GOLD. This exciting new blend is made of Nicaraguan, Brazilian & Sumatran Arabica beans. They are gently roasted producing a soft nutty flavour with a mellow aftertaste. Come along to the Grind @ central, Stall14 Adelaide Central Market this Saturday (19th May) & sample this delightful coffee.



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