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Flavoured teas are produced by blending processed black tea with fragrant blossoms, petals, fruit and spices or essential oils. Fruit flavoured teas are generally made by blending the fruits with essential oils with the processed tea.

Popular products: Earl Grey, Miss Grey, Vanilla, Peach, Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain (100g) $10.50 AUD each

A subtle fruity flavour of cornflowers blended with teas from China and Ceylon

Black Currant $11.50 AUD each

A blend of china & ceylon tea enriched with the full flavour of blackcurrants

Chai (100g) $11.50 AUD each

A strong base of indian teas blended with rich spices Cinnamon Quills,Cardomon Pods & Cloves.

Chai Chocolate (100g) $11.50 AUD each

Rich Chocolate blended with Chai tea including cinnamon quills, cloves and cardamom pods

Chai Vanilla (100g) $11.50 AUD each

Chai with cinnamon quills, cloves and cardamom pods and enriched with real vanilla pieces from Madagascar

Coconut (100g) $11.50 AUD each

Ceylon-China tea blended with the delicious flavour of coconut

Daintree & Peppermint (100g) $10.50 AUD each

Australian daintree blended with a touch of peppermint, A light refreshing taste suitable for all day.

Daintree & Chamomile (100g) $10.50 AUD each

Australian Daintree blende with chamomile has a delicate floral aroma & relaxing properties.

Earl Grey (100g) $9.50 AUD each

Classically scented with natural bergamot oil which gives a refreshingly light flavour

Earl Grey Rose (100g) $11.50 AUD each

China black tea combined with fresh bergamont, rose petals & peony flowers creating a fresh distinctive easl grey tea.

French Earl Grey (100g) $11.50 AUD each

Classic Earl Grey tea spiced up with hibiscus flowers, sunflowers and rose petals

Fruit Fantasy (100g) $11.50 AUD each

An exotic fruit salad of aromatic delights blended with a base a delicate China tea, rose petals and calendula flowers

Ginger Tea (100g) $11.50 AUD each

A warm spicy blend of dried ginger pieces with quality black tea from china & ceylon

Miss Grey (100g) $11.50 AUD each

A refreshing flavour of bergamot and lemon and beautiful blue cornflowers

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