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We have an extensive range of black teas. From large leafed Indian teas to small-leafed rich and malty teas. Teas from Africa, Sri Lanka, China and Australia. Each with their own unique flavour and characteristics.

Popular products: Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Australian Daintree, Queen Mary

Australian Breakfast (100g) $10.50 AUD each

Strong breakfast blend of Australian grown Daintree tea with a touch of Assam for strength.

Australian Daintree (100g) $10.50 AUD each

A blend of China and Ceylon teas combined with the natural flavour of fresh juicy apples

Ceylon BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) (100g) $9.00 AUD each

Broken Orange Pekoe First grade Ceylon tea. An exquisite tasting tea for morning and afternoon drinking that has an aromatic quality and is full flavour.

Ceylon Decafe (100g) $11.50 AUD each

A CO2 extraction method is used to selectively extract caffeine without removing any of the important qualities of tea.

Chai Black (100g) $11.50 AUD each

Chai with cinnamon quills, cloves and cardamom pods.

Darjeeling (100g) $9.50 AUD each

The champagne of teas this tea has a delicate but full flavour. An excellent afternoon drinking tea

English Breakfast (100g) $9.50 AUD each

A traditional blend of the finest Assam and Ceylon teas producing a fully aromatic blend

Indian Assam (100g) $9.50 AUD each

Indian black tea grown in the mountains of Assam, this is a strong full bodied tea, (Broken Orange Pekoe). An excellent morning tea.

Irish Breakfast (100g) $11.50 AUD each

A strong, rich, malty blend of fine tea blended from Ceylon and Assam.

Scottish Breakfast (100g) $10.50 AUD each

A strong tea that is a high quality blend of African, Assam and Ceylon teas

Lapsang Souchong (100g) $10.50 AUD each

A large leaf black tea, smoked over fine wood rich in resin, a strong smoky flavour

Organic Ceylon OP (100g) $11.50 AUD each

Free of any chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

Prince of Wales (100g) $10.50 AUD each

A light tea with superb flavour and delicate aroma, making this a great afternoon tea.

Queen Anne (100g) $10.50 AUD each

A blend of fine Indian and China teas, producing a distinctive character, stronger flavour than Queen Mary.

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