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Choose from a range of over 80 luxury coffees that include origins, blends, organic, fair trade, femenino, flavoured, forest alliance and decaffeinated. We have developed some unique blends that have distinctive and individual characteristics. Make every cup an ultimate experience.

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New & Limited

There are only limited amounts of these fine coffees; once they are finished they are gone for another 12–15 months. All are exquisite in their own right and are to be enjoyed by people who have an appreciation for fine food, wine and coffees.


We only use the best quality origin beans to develop a distinctive flavour & aroma.

Popular products: Supa Crema, Espresso 538, Mario's Special Blend, Mocha Dark Roast


All of our Decaffeinated coffees are genuine Swiss Water products thus not affecting the taste of the coffee.

Popular products: Colombian Organic, Fair Trade Organic Sumatra, Mexican Organic

Fair Trade Organic

We only purchase genuine Fair Trade Organic & Rain Forest Alliance coffees . We are a registered member of Fair Trade Labelling Aust & NZ (FLANZ) & our membership

Popular products: PNG Purosa, Peru Penachi, Mexican Chiapas, East Timor Maubesse


We use a delightful Brazilian bean. A natural flavour is then added to achieve a very special flavoured coffee.

Popular products: Swiss Chocolate, French Vanilla, Irish Cream, Hazelnut Vanilla


Genuine products that are roasted using different techniques to achieve the highest possible quality.

Popular products: East Timor, Nepal Terai, Uganda White Nile


All the coffees we sell are from their genuine region. We roast to achieve the highest possible quality to highlight their different flavours & aromas.

Popular products: Australian Skybury, Colombian Supremo, Guatemala Antigua, Sumatra Mandelhing

Prepacked Coffees

Some of these blends have been developed many years ago & we remain true to the them ensuring taste and characteristics stay consistent.

Popular products: Gold Cup, Morenito, Mocha Style Dark Roast

Specialty Coffees

Genuine & rare coffees that are difficult to source.

Popular products: Cuban Serrano, Jamican Blue Moutain, Hawaiian Kona

Nespresso® Pods

SPECIAL: We have starter packs that include:

1. All of our Pod Blends (save $5)
2. Sample of all Pod Blends & 10 Reusable Pods (save $15).


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